Your business is complex,
requiring significant integration
with existing systems
and processes

EstateWorks Enterprise

We’ll work with you…

EstateWorks can be the key to enhancing communication, collaboration and transparency across significant estate administration organizations.

Sometimes – especially for our larger customers – this requires some adjustments or enhancements to the standard platform to make sure that EstateWorks is fully supporting you in the way that you want your trusts and estates business to be conducted.

This may include:

  • Organizing work and reporting by Regions or Offices
  • Customizing data fields and screens to capture information specific to your workflow
  • Enhancing fee tracking to enable financial reporting and forecasting
  • Customizing reporting to support case review and management review processes
  • Interfacing with other pre-existing systems

If you have any questions about your specific approach to managing estate administration and how EstateWorks can support you, please contact our Customer Service direct line at 617-600-6830.

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