You want to formalize best
practices to improve
compliance, communication
and productivity


Add powerful workflow management to your Settlement and Administration organization

EstateWorks is the only cost-effective, on-demand workflow solution custom-tailored for the Trusts and Estates business.

EstateWorks is highly configurable to match the way that you want to conduct your business - using technology does not mean that you have to change the way that you do things, but it should make life easier and more efficient.

Settlement Solutions

  • Customized checklists and case team roles within EstateWorks enable you to reflect how you want the work to get done – you won’t have to change your processes, we’ll help you formalize them
  • Automated task alerts and assignments are triggered by key events and dates; electronic case notes enable the entire team to stay on task, in compliance and on schedule
  • Trust and Estate calendar tools at the case, team and individual levels coupled with extensive on-demand reporting make active management easier
  • EstateWorks integrates at a case-level with major securities valuation products (Appraise, EstateVal) and 706 preparation software (GEMS, Thomson Fast-Tax FPS, Intuit Lacerte, FASTER Systems, CCH ProSystems-FX and Lackner) enabling relevant case data to be updated and exported quickly and easily
  • Automated document creation allows instantaneous production of pre-filled custom letters and state and federal forms
  • Key documents can be uploaded and stored centrally, linked from each case, so that any team members can access them on-demand
  • Management reporting supports deadline monitoring and workload allocation across the organization, as well as combined status reporting across all cases or sub-groups

Planning Solutions

  • Customized checklists and processes enable you to standardize and formalize different evolutions across the organization
  • Recurring tasks generate automated reminders and alerts
  • Capture all client and plan related contact information
  • Track client gifts for 709 preparation
  • Automatically generate plan documents, Crummey notices and client letters; track plan document review and execution status
  • Use extensive search features to facilitate maintenance of document currency as regulations change
  • Target marketing to clients based on plan and estate characteristics
  • Monitor deadlines and workload allocation across the organization

Your individual EstateWorks application is available from anywhere at anytime via a secure, central hosting facility that is regularly audited by major financial institutions among our customer base. There is no software for you to install, maintain or support.

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