Frequently-Asked Questions

How does EstateWorks improve efficiency and save time?

Can I use EstateWorks with a Mac?

Does EstateWorks have both an Estate Planning and Settlement solutions?

I need to generate letters to our client's contact list. Can I automate that using EstateWorks?

My organization fills out a number of forms using HotDocs® and/or Adobe®. Can these forms be used with EstateWorks?

Do I need to retype information once I have entered it in EstateWorks?

Assets are often held in a trust or brokerage account. Can EstateWorks group them for valuation and reporting?

Does EstateWorks interface with any Estate Tax Form 706 programs?

How can I use the EstateWorks calendar to manage my tasks?

I have tasks that recur regularly. Can EstateWorks remind me?

How easy is it to reassign tasks in EstateWorks?

Does EstateWorks let me attach notes to a case?

Can I save documents with a case?

What program do you use to value securities as of date of death?

I store all my contact information in Microsoft Outlook®. Do I have to retype it into EstateWorks?

Can I produce an inventory of an estate's probate assets?

Will EstateWorks help me track creditor's claims on an estate?

How customizable is EstateWorks?

What kind of training do I need to get everyone who will be using EstateWorks up to proficiency?