Life is complicated and busy.
When a problem arises,
you want someone to own
it and fix it…. quickly.


It's all about Workflow ….

At its core EstateWorks is a workflow product, and so our support philosophy is focused on getting - and keeping - our clients working as efficiently as possible.

Initial Set-up and Training

Our team will work with yours to understand how you want the work to get done: who should be doing what and when, how should it be communicated, as well as identifying any technology issues that may be specific to your organization.

We will configure your implementation of EstateWorks so that you don't have to change your processes - we will help you formalize them to maximize your efficiency.

We can also work with you to import any legacy data into EstateWorks as part of the initialization.

Initial training is provided for all new users in order to get them operational as soon as possible. We follow this up as required by specific users and organizations.

On-going Support

Our Support Team is available from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (Eastern), Monday through Friday - and frequently outside of these hours. Support requests are systematically logged, assigned to the most appropriate member of the team and reviewed up by our management on a daily basis.

Support issues are infrequent so when they do arise, they receive prompt attention: the vast majority are resolved within a few minutes.

Customized Support

As you get used to the capabilities of EstateWorks, you may well identify ways in which your business could be enhanced by customizing data, screens or reports for example.

Some of these customizations may actually be general enough to be implemented as features or enhancements to EstateWorks. Others may be small enough that our Technology Team will just implement them during their normal flow of development activity, whereas others may require a more formal customization project. In any case, we welcome our clients' suggestions and are always happy to give an indication of the implementation implications.

Document Migration

Over the years, we have worked with many clients to manage the migration of their pre-existing cases and documents to the EstateWorks platform, with approaches ranging from minimalist to technologically sophisticated.

We will be happy to discuss your situation in detail and help you to design and implement a conversion plan that is appropriate for your business.

HotDocs Customization

HotDocs is a very powerful document creation technology that EstateWorks uses to generate documents and letters automatically filled with case data. Clients can also upload their own HotDocs documents for use in their cases.

Although our team occasionally undertakes custom HotDocs development projects, our preference is to help you train your own in-house resources. We are also happy to work with any independent developers that you may wish to use.

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